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DescriptionAnswering a Problem (Ch 15)
The assignment itself is basically what inside the below box. All the information outside the box is
general guidelines and instructions that are needed to complete the assignment.
Assignment: (Course Name : Planning the Project)
1. How will controlling project communications work towards delivering a
successful project?
Reading Materials:

Chapter 15 in the textbook “Project Management” 2nd Edition. 2014
ISBN: 978-1-77420-013-1
Author: Adrienne Watt
Chapter 15: Communication Planning

You can access the book for FREE in this link https://opentextbc.ca/projectmanagement

One page in length.

Please answer the questions directly. No need for an introduction or conclusion.

Beside the textbook, use min of 2 quality scholarly (peer reviewed) sources and show that the
answers goes beyond the required textbook reading.

Please FULLY answer all the questions.

Please ensure to cite and reference your answers.
 Provide the page numbers along with in-text Citation.
Example: (Jones, 2018, p.201)

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