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The Surrealist art movement is full of dream images, inspired by the writings of the spiritual godfather of the movement, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Artist Frida Kahlo exhibited with the Surrealists, but insisted that her work did not belong inside of their classification. look at this website: MOMA – Frida Kahlo and SurrealismLinks to an external site.
Discuss your understanding of the Surrealist movement (from online, scholarly sources such as museum websites and JSTOR articles, placing the information into your own words), and Kahlo’s reluctance to attach her work to the style. Then identify two of her artworks, and make your case: is her work Surrealist (in the way that Surrealism is described and other Surrealist artwork looks), or not? Compare the two Kahlo works that you chose with the work of one other Surrealist artist, and compare and contrast the artworks. Are there similarities that you can use to prove or disprove your point?
Should you listen to what the actual artist says about their work (Kahlo states that she is not a Surrealist), or can you make a persuasive case to say that she actually could be considered as (for a while) a Surrealist artist?

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