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Goffman & Deviancy
Deviancy- any behavior and physical appearance thats socially challenged or condemned because it departs from the norms and expectations of a group.conformity- behavior and appearance that follow the standard of a group as well as the goals and means.social control- methods used to teach, persuade, or force a groups members/ non members to comply with and not deviate from.disciplinary society- a social arrangement that normalizes surveillance, making it expected.sanctions- reactions of approval/disapproval to others’ behavior/appearance.positive sanctions- expressions of approval and rewards for compliance.negative sanctions- expression of disapproval for noncomplianceinformal sanctions- spontaneous, unofficial expressions of approval/disapproval not backed by force of law.formal sanctions- expressions of approval/disapproval backed by force of law.Dramaturgical Model- A model in which social interaction is viewed as if it were a theater, people as if they were actors, and roles as if they were performances before an audience in a particular settingSocial Interaction- An everyday event in which at least two people communicate and respond through language and symbolic gestures to affect one anothers behavior and thinkingsocial structure -A largely invisible system that coordinates human interaction in broadly predictable wayssocial status- A human-created and defined position in societyascribed statuses- Social statuses that are the result of chance in that people exert no force to obtain themachieved statuses- Social statuses acquired through some combination of personal choice, effort and abilitymaster status- One status in a status set that overshadows the others such that it shapes every aspect of life and dominates social interactionsimpression management-  The process by which people in social situations manage the setting, their dress, their words, and their gestures to correspond to the impression they are trying to make or the image they are trying to projectfront stage- The area visible to the audience where people feel compelled to present themselves in expected waysback stage- The area out of the audience’s sight, where indivisuals let their guard down and do things that would be inappropriate or unexpected in a front-stage settingrole- the behavior expected of a status in relationship to another statusrole rights- the behavior that a person assuming a role can demand or expect from others  role obligations- the relationship and behavior that the person enacting a role must assume towards others in a particular statusrole conflict- a predicament in which the expectations associated with two or more roles in a role set contradict one another 
Essay 2: Goffman & Deviancy:
watch all the three videos posted below and give examples of what you might see as  Front Stage Behavior and Back Stage Behavior, and add how Ascribed status and Achieved Status affects the individual’s status within the Social Structure. 
Essay 2:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEnmTeK8qqM Building Legacies: TGNC Mutual Aid
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4Ka844VSkk Respecting Trans and Non Binary Pronouns
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35c3wDAupqA&t=245s Trans and Non Binary People Navigating HealthCare

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