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The purpose of this assignment is to discuss sustainability within the supply chain.Part 1Begin by researching Shamrock Foods company (https://www.shamrockfoodservice.com/). In 250-500 words, address the following:Describe the company and its sustainability model.How has sustainability helped to achieve the company’s goals and competitiveness with other supply chains?What are the financial impacts of sustainability on the company?What are the benefits and challenges associated with sustainability efforts?Are there any federal mandates in the United States on sustainability? Make sure to include current and future mandates.Part IIBegin by researching an international sustainability model. In 250-500 words, address the following:How does this international sustainability model compare to the United States approach to sustainability?When comparing the United States and the international sustainability model you selected, do you believe that the United States should change its approach to sustainability?What recommendations for change regarding sustainability do you have for the United States?In international logistics, what are the potential challenges that the supply chain may face in its sustainability efforts?

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