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Business Name  • What is the relevance of the business name? (Choose your own jwellery making business) Mission/ Vision  • What is the relevance of the mission statement to you and the public? Strategic objective  • SWOT Analysis of your company • How will the organization gain competitive advantage (Porter’s four (4) Generic strategies)? • How will the company meet its mission and vision? • What form of business you will decide for your idea? Sole proprietorship? Partnership? Limited Liability Partnership? Corporation? Non-Profit • What resources are required for this business idea? Money? Human Resources? Infrastructure etc.? Think Factors of productionOperational and Marketing Plan • What is your assessment of the Internal (Micro) and External (Macro) environment this business exists in? Are there any critical factors you must considerbefore you continue with this idea? • For the operational plan, please outline the organization structure. Also, will the organization be utilizing specialization or departmentalization? Will the decision making be centralized or decentralized? How exactly will the company work/operate from the moment a customer walks in to when they are leaving (Post purchase)? • How will your team create customer awareness and ensure customer retention and loyalty? What type of Information System will the company implement to prevent customers from churning? [HINT: CRM platforms]Competition and Financing  • What type of competition will your company engage in? Look at the other similar businesses and try to get an idea of the current market condition in this industry. • What sources of funding you have currently available? What other venues you might explore to get funding? • What are your sales and profit projections? Your asignment should be not less than 3500 words withou references  and references should be included with APA style MAKE A WEBSITE  for the Business You can develop your website using wix.com or WordPress.MAKE A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION FOR THIS AS WELL WITH 15-20 SLIDES AND DESCRIBE EACH SLIDE IN NOTES SECTION

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