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Now that we have watched and discussed the film, post your thoughts on the following topic:
This film was released in 1959 and some people were offended by the idea of men dressing as women.   Today, more than 60 years later, a film like this would not offend people nearly as much.   Think about more recent films where the main characters are men and dress as women for a specific reason in the story.   Chose one of those films and talk about why the character does this and how it is important to the story.  How was that treated in the story?  Was it serious or comedic?
So – with that in mind – post your response on the following topic:
Name a more recent film that has a male character dressing as a woman and describe why he does it.  How is this presented in the story and how do the other characters react it?  Talk specifically about how the act of him dressing as a woman is treated in the story.

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