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Choose an experience for yourself that you connect and synthesize with Just Culture.The experience can come from aviation, school, church, or family, and can be either yourself or another person.Write a summary of three paragraphs with five sentences minimum per paragraph.For help you to understand Just Culture I post that is Just Culture Explanation please read it before you write.What is a Just Culture?Culture Shared beliefs, attitudes, values choices. In all cases, team members review systemdesign factors for learning opportunities.In a just culture, staff at executive, management, and line levels engage and align. Organizational leadership is accountable for providing safe and effective systems and for responding to personnel behaviors in a fair and consistent manner. Personnel are accountable for: (1) personal choices, and (2) reporting errors and system vulnerabilities.ErrorsWhen personnel commit errors, the normal human response is embarrassment, shame, and disappointment. The appropriate leadership response is to support and console personnel that commit those errors. Consoling includes verbal and candid discussion in an empathetic and supportive environment. Over time, uncorrected errors tend to become at-risk behavior.At Risk BehaviorAt-risk behavior increases risk and leads individuals to unrecognized risk acceptance or justification. Constructive leadership response to at-risk behavior is coaching, with a values-supportive discussion of safe behavior. Coaching must be productive, and yield organizational learning and personal growth.Reckless ChoicesReckless choices involve deliberate behavior to accept unwarranted risk. Known reckless acts are clearly called out in education, training, policy, and team meetings. In a just culture, the member who chooses to engage in a reckless act should expect a level of personal and professional accountability.Appropriate Behavior ResponseJust culture must not be confused with a ‘no blame’ culture. When personnel engage in a reckless choice or criminal act, just culture advocates sanction or punishment. A consistent and fair response to error, at-risk, and reckless behavior regardless of outcome is important to sustain a just culture.

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