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CLASS: Health Promotion & Clinical Prevention Topic 1: Community-Based NursingNursing services play an important role in caring for patients and families in the community and providing them the support they need. For patients with problems ranging from chronic health conditions to need of elder care, nursing has proved itself an important part of the healthcare team. In fact, many people now prefer sending their elderly parents to a daycare for nursing, rather than to a long-term care facility.For this topic, interview a community-based nurse or nurse practitioner who sees individuals in the home setting. Describe the nurse’s responses to the following questions:What are your job responsibilities?Does a correlation exist between your job description and your practice?Are you involved in policy formulation that affects client services?Do you belong to a professional organization related to your current job position?TEXTBOOK:Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community, ISBN:9780323582247MUST REFERENCE AND CITE AT LEAST ONCE ! ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN FULL  AND BE SURE TO PUT THE QUESTION FOLLOWED BY ANSWER

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