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2 letters layout and UK law workClient 1: Dominique ArnoldLawrence and Dominique have been together for 10 years but never married. They have one child together, Daniel, who is 6 years old. Lawrence has recently become violent towards both Dominique and Daniel. Dominique thinks his violence is due to the fact he has been taking illegal substances. Last week, Lawrence told Dominique that he has met someone new and wants her to leave the house, but that Daniel can stay. The tenancy for the house is in Lawrence’s name, but Dominique always paid for the rent. Lawrence says that Dominique has no right to stay in the property and says when she leaves she can only take her clothes with her and nothing else. Dominique is concerned about leaving Daniel with Lawrence. She is also upset as there is property in the house that she bought before they were together. Dominique also says that she bought most of the property in the house, such as the TV, sofa and kitchen equipment. Client 2: Bashir RafiqueBashir and Molly have been married for 18 years and are now divorcing. They met during university and married not long after graduating. They have three children together, Toni (14), Andrew (10) and Ricky (6). When Molly become pregnant they agreed that she would stay at home to look after the children whilst Bashir would go out to work. Bashir is now a successful architect who owns his own business, earning in excess of £1 million per year. He was able to start the business using the £250,000 that was left to Molly when her grandmother died. Between them they have £5 million assets, which were generated solely through Bashir’s career. Since the split, Molly has secured employment on the other side of the country near where her parents live and wants to move there with the children. Bashir does not want this to happen.Task 1a:You have been asked to produce a letter to both clients, using the information from their case studies. In both of your letters, you should:·       Explain and apply the financial and children orders and relevant factors that will be taken into account on divorce/dissolution for each case·       Analyse the financial order and orders available for children for each case·       Explain and apply the law on parenthood and parental responsibility and children’s rights in both cases·       Analyse how the court will resolve the disputes over children for each caseAssessment CriteriaLearning Aims/OutcomesPassMeritExplain and apply the financial and children orders and relevant factors taken into account on divorce/dissolution in given case studies.P4Explain and apply the law on parenthood, parental responsibility and children’s rights in given case studies.P5Analyse the financial orders and orders available for children in given case studies.M3Analyse how the court resolves disputes over children in given case studies.M4Add the reference links on a bibliography pageAt least 4 pages of work 2 pages for each letter

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