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Compare & contrast essaySchool uniforms versus no school uniformsChoose one of the following controversial topics regarding education:School UniformsStandardized TestsTablets vs. TextbooksCollege Education: Worth It?Student Loan DebtSchool VouchersCorporal PunishmentBanned BooksWhen you are done, you have to discuss an issue from both its facets and find valid arguments that make it controversial. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each side equally.IMPORTANT: It is not an argumentative assignment, so you have to pay attention to both sides of the controversy and treat them with understanding.Your essay must be formatted in Harvard style, be at least 5 pages long, and have a minimum of 3 references to reputable sources (books, scholarly articles, official data).Academic level – Undergraduate (years 1-2)Disipline – EducationStyle – HarvardPaper sources – 3Pages – 5

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