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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Greenpeace Environmentalist Organization. Organizations that implement ecological direct action have no single organization, no national office, or administrative center. This kind of network relies on the network of groups based in local areas and sharing a common identity and form of action and linked by systematic ties. (Doherty 1992).Greenpeace believes that nuclear waste must be eliminated. Nuclear waste constitutes a serious threat to all types of life on earth. It poses a strong environmental hazard. Due to its close link to nuclear weapons via plutonium, spent fuel is a dangerous residual from nuclear waste. The nuclear reactors which are used are stored in cheap, temporary, and insufficient waste storage areas which poses a danger to residents living near nuclear power plants. The radioactive materials in the nuclear wastes will leak from different places thus causing cancer to several residents living near those sites. Another area of concern is the radioactive isotopes which will spread and spill into the food chains of living beings. Finally, the efforts of developed countries to contain radioactivity from nuclear waste is hardly successful. Developed countries still do not have expertise in the storage and disposal of nuclear waste. Most developed countries just dump their nuclear waste in developing countries and give aid to these receiving countries in exchange for this service.Greenpeace has made efforts to stop the establishment of new nuclear power plants in Europe. Through the consistent efforts of Greenpeace, Spain’s Socialist government has pledged not to open nuclear power plants. However, France is still open to establishing a new nuclear power plant. Thus, Greenpeace activists put up wind farms on the grounds of a nuclear power plant in Penly, France. The activists put up ten wind turbines to protest the French government’s decision to build a new nuclear reactor on the site. (Greenpeace website)Greenpeace has campaigned for the closure of old nuclear power plants.

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