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Compose a 1250 words assignment on post-war situation in western societies. Needs to be plagiarism free! For the first time, the world was seeing the after-effects of a mechanized total war that killed people in unimagined numbers, and systematic government-led extermination of Jewish people, political opponents, and those who resisted the state. The legacy of totalitarian leaders like Stalin in the early part of the century and now Hitler of the middle of the century caused Orwell to reflect upon the directions in which modern Western societies were going. As the world began to drift into a cold war, the example of war-like totalitarian regimes in the past and signs of a possible nuclear holocaust in the future prompted the vision of a cruel and oppressive totalitarian state in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.The country that is described in Nineteen Eighty-Four is an imagined future version of Britain. It is called “Air Force One” in the region of “Oceania” and these names recall the role that Britain played in the air and on the sea during the real World Wars. There are now three major regions competing for control of the world. The main character in the book, Winston Smith, bears a name that recalls Winston Churchill, and the date of 1984 suggests the date of the time of writing since the last two numbers are a reversal of 1948.Winston is a man who understands what is going on around him and sees the faults in the regime that he works for. One of the factors which give him the courage to resist the regime is his growing love for Julia. The function of gender relations in this society appears to be purely for the production of children and the support of the Party since people sleep with each other regardless of family status but do not develop strong emotional ties with each other. Winston dislikes the coldness of this approach, and he develops a love in his affair with Julia that is more like traditional human relationships&nbsp.where affection and desire also play a big part. The problem is, that such a love is forbidden in this new society and both he and Julia pursue it, even though they know that they are likely to be discovered and punished: “Both of them knew that it was lunacy. It was as though they were intentionally stepping nearer to their graves” (Orwell: 1949, p. 114).

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