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Compose a 2000 words assignment on discuss the changes in the image of the peasant in modern chinese fiction. Needs to be plagiarism free! Indeed the authors Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Li Rui and Gao Xiaosheng were no exception. These authors have commonly tried to propound that even being a major part of the Chinese society these people lived in a highly marginalized condition. More or less all of these suffered from poverty, hunger, illiteracy, superstition, etc. yet they remained the same loyal, humble and superstitious in the society. In face of increasing industrialization, westernization and invading capitalism at the end of the 19th century, the people as well as their tradition culture were being threatened by the encroaching western zeal. These authors also have tried to portray the peasants as the embodiment of the sociopolitical and economic gap between the rural people and the frontiers of urbanization. In this paper, I will explore how the depiction of peasantry has changed in Lu Xun’s “My Old Home,” Mao Dun’s “Spring Silkworms,” Rui’s “Electing A Thief” and Gao Xiaosheng’s “Li Shunda builds a House”.These authors commonly show that when the front part of the Chinese society, especially the urban area, was moving first towards developmental goals, the people at the hindsight of the society was lagging behind overburdened by lack of education, superstition and by an uncertain future. Lu Xun’s short story, “My Old Home”, renders the image of a peasant life in a sad and gloomy context. In such an austere background, the narrator compares his present life with his past among the peasants. Necessarily, this comparison allows Xun’s readers to view the changes, in a peasant’s life, which occurs during the twenty years. During these twenty years the narrator has turned into a man of wealth while his friend Jun Tu, a village farmer’s son, has been suffering from extreme poverty. Jun Tu has six children.

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