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Consider your Strategic Plan: Presentation video assignment. Write a brief description of how you plan to organize and present your Strategic Plan or share a draft of your video. Please provide feedback to your peers about their initial plans for their videos. Are there areas that need adjustments?I need a response to the below statement:The author’s strategic plan presentation will be described for persuasion to approve the implementation and support of a leadership development program (LDP) at the school he works with. The audience for the presentation is several time-scarce decision-makers who are focused on keeping the organization on track per purpose and mission yet looking to develop new programs to add value to the overall institution while keeping the budget expenditures low and net income rising. Another concern is keeping pace with and appearing ‘cutting edge’ in comparison to competitive institutions. Because of the scarcity of time, the initial presentation will be 5 – 7 minutes and address primary points and concerns for the SMT. Success would be to be invited back for a more thorough program presentation involving detailed discussion and approval of strategy. The initial argument will give scientific references to add credibility, but the SMT’s primary concerns are financial and marketing (Franzen, 2020).Slide 1: Title Slide-       Title & URL for presentation online with author info, etc.Slide 2: Hook slide-       Focusing comment on how the following program appeals to the success of the school’s mission but also the success of the social community-       (references back to Vision 2030 & RS vision, mission, strategy)Slide 3: Objectives of LDP-       Concise and clear objectives both aligned with VMV and spelling out specific areas they will be developed within the student leadership traineesSlide 4: Results of LDP objectives achievement:-       Short term objectives achievements result (1 – 3 years)-       Long term objectives achievements result (4 – 10 years)Slide 5: Content of LDP:-       Broad strokes of development of the program (Content to be covered)-       Broad strokes of the methodology of the program (training, coaching, practicum)-       Achievement recognitionSlide 6: Resources for LDP:-       Broad strokes logistics and resource requirements of the LDPSlide 7: Current added value of the LDP:-       Current impact of the LDP practicums for the student body and positive effects on resource conservation, organization culture, and moreSlide 8: Anticipated Concerns & Questions-       Cultural and religious concerns-       Saudi & expatriate collaborationSlide 9: ReferencesFranzen, R. M. (2020). An Engaged Scholarship Approach to Create and Evaluate a Leadership Development Program for Students. Journal of Leadership Education, 19(3), 89-96. 10.12806/V19/I3/A5

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