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Contact, Fur trade, and Conflict – Research Paper (APA Style)-Aboriginal HistorySix to seven pages (not including title page or references), at least four references (maximum 1 from syllabus, 3 external sources), double-spaced, one-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12pt font, APA style. Must include APA title page and reference page as well as proper essay format (Intro paragraph with thesis statement; body with proper paragraphs/sections; conclusion paragraph). All references must be academic references. Do not include an abstract.2 Sources should be from Aboriginal History: A Reader. Kristin Burnett  and Geoff ReadChapters:- Richter, “Imagining a Distant New World” (pp. 29-42)- Vibert, Wretched Fishers & Manly Men: Meanings of Food in the Plateau Fur Trade” (pp.121-         134)- Rushford, “Slavery, the Fox Wars, and Limits of Alliance” (pp. 93-105)

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