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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses in doctor strangelove, there was a great deal of emphasis placed upon the. In 1964, Herbert Marcuse introduced to the word his radical masterpiece entitled One-Dimensional Man. He unbolted an impressive question at the opening of his book in which he inquired about the irony of the very function of the atomic catastrophe. he stipulated that while the annihilation of humankind is imminent due to the escalating inventions of weapons of mass destruction, these warfare technologies are the primary protectors of the power that created the danger. Recently, Marcuse budged his attention from thermonuclear destruction into pop culture or the production of cultural representations which are largely shown in consumer products. Marcuse dedicated much of his thinking time in calculating the upshots of technological advancement today. He stalwartly judged that empires generated technological stratagems to finally liberate an individual from excruciating labor and lack of knowledge while at the same time making use of these technologies to outwit and even outlast them. The dilemma of this new development is the very existence of agencies of cultural diffusion such as the media and the information machineries which supposed to be a guiding light towards functional responsiveness and yet serve to preserve the balance or status quo. The postmodern world which is characterized by the buying and selling of not only goods and services, but also in massive extent information, lay claim to people’s mind fabricating a nostalgia of self-sufficing exploitation. A one-dimensional man dwells in the contemporary world who is actually a pleased, innovative being but then devoid of the immaterial understanding of his universe which is in reality governed by discourse and action.

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