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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses search and rescue in residential structures. The presence of people in residential areas demands a lot of skill and attention to detail both on the inside and outside of the residential area affected by the fire. They have to make sure that anybody is rescued from the fire before they think of putting out the fire. To do this, therefore, a certain methodology known as search and rescue, as discussed below has to be kept in mind.There is a different perception of the term “search and rescue”. To many people, they assume it is a two task mission is actually a multitude of tasks put together. In reality, search and rescue are two different jobs with specific functions(Lum2004).To start with, the search is the act of finding something. In this context, the firefighters search for the fire location, the origin, the interior of the affected unit and the potential victims. It is performed by the search firefighters who have to report their findings to the Incident Commander (IC) on the outside. This is to say that the firefighters are performing a reconnaissance mission for the incident commander(Lum2004).Rescue on the other hand is the act of removing victims away from the point of danger. In this context, the firefighters remove the victims from the place of fire and move them to a secure area where they can be helped. In a residential fire scenario, rescue is the end product of the skills of a properly executed search mission (Wallington 2005).So as to perfect the skills of search and rescue, the firefighters have to rehearse and get to understand the full techniques of carrying out their duties. These techniques are obtained in the fire academy and every firefighter has to be fully equipped to carry out the tasks. Furthermore, these skills are essential before any firefighter is allowed to go to the field on a search and rescue mission.When learning, firefighters are in the academy, the primary lesson is learning the basic right-hand or left-hand search pattern.

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