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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses technology enhance students learning. This article also shows that using technology tools create a flexible learning environment. The article illustrates an effective way, which is using technology tools in education to improve it and help students understand their subjects easily. This article will be used to show how using technology tools in education can have a positive impact on students lives.The authors demonstrate that using technology in instruction helps teachers create learning context that were not previously possible with traditional teaching methods. The article explains researches to prove that using technology in instructions enhance not only the learning capacities of students but also their motivation. therefore, students are more engaged in the learning process. Mathematics was chosen as the subject to be studied. This article design the research about mathematics and how it was work then it shows the result. This article gives a significant research, which is about using technology in mathematics class. It provides the result of research and how technologies improve students’ capabilities in mathematics class. This research will be used as a second reference to support the point of the positive impact of using technology in the classroom.Armstrong shows how using technology makes a significant change in schools. The author proves that by providing researches of students who use technology in the classroom such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to do homework can make them more interested in subjects than students who do not use these technologies. He also explained how technology is changing the way students learn and how much they benefit. In addition, the author provided some problems of using technology in the classroom. however, he gave some possible solutions.

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