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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses does the water supply system meet need of the current customer. In order to determine the capacity of water supply systems to meet the needs of current consumers, it is essential to measure the viability of water supply systems in terms of accessibility, safety, and cleanliness, efficacy, and limitations. Ideally, a water supply system is meant to provide readily accessible, clean, and efficient water supplies.Efforts to ensure that water supply systems meet the needs of the current consumer are important because not only is water the most essential commodity for human survival, clean water is the epitome of survival. Lack of access to clean and safe water inhibits the learning ability of millions of school-going children who become infected with intestinal worms and other water-borne illnesses. In addition, the inability of adults to access clean and safe water deters development, both in the community and nationally. This is because when adults’ water solutions do not meet the required degree of safety, the individuals are bound to suffer from diseases and will hence not be able to work (Thornton, 2005).Over a century ago, millions of people in cities and towns globally were at an immense risk of dying or becoming ill from consuming contaminated water. Currently, Hamilton’s water supply system utilizes up to ten distinct defenses in its water treatment, distribution, and water management regiments. This is done in an effort to ensure that by the time water reaches the consumer, it is clean and utterly safe for consumption.&nbsp.Perhaps the most formidable surety of water safety is the removal of all harmful organisms that are commonly found in water sources such as rivers and dams. This paper will look into the present water supply systems in New Zealand, examining whether these water supply systems meet the needs of the current water consumption in terms of accessibility, safety, and efficacy. Looking into the success of the current water supply systems in terms of meeting the needs of the current consumer requires a critical analysis of the available literature and consultation of specialized persons in the field of water supply.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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