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 #1. “Billions Behind Bars 

A 40 minute video on Prison Industries from CNBC. 
After watching the clip, do you believe prisoners are viable workers or being taken advantage of? In a persuasive essay, choose a side and  evaluate the pros and cons of prisoners as workers from both the prisoner perspective and the societal perspective. ( How does it help and hurt prisoners and how does it help and hurt society).
Use the attached document for assistance in writing a proper essay.  basicessayformat.pdf 
#2.The answers to the questions should at least a paragraph (5 sentences)be thorough to display complete understanding of the text. While some questions may seem opinion based, I will be looking for information from the text to confirm your learning. If you have missed you can complete going back to chapter 6.            
You are inside. The parole board tells you to get some therapy.  Every choice mentioned in this chapter is available to you, explain them and decide which will you choose? Why?
Look into prison industries. Is it exploitation of inmates for prison industries to make large profits but pay inmates so little?
“Parole boards are arbitrary and discriminatory and they ought to be abolished,” says John Q. Liberal. “Yes, but so is the whole criminal justice system,” says Sally Moderate. “At least the boards are trying to remedy inequities.” What are likely to be the reasons behind each opinion?
Technical violations of parole are filling our prisons and aggravating problems related to prison crowding. What is your evaluation of technical violations of parole? For example, if a parolee moves in with his girlfriend and does not tell his parole officer, is this justification for returning him to prison? What about a parolee having marijuana, while on an approved trip to Colorado?

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