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DescriptionPart 1 :Discuss which should be the primary basis for formulating strategy: The
external market or the internal environment (firm’s resources and

Share an example of a company whose strategy has been based
upon the external market and one that is based on a set of
Discuss how the external environment or resources and capabilities
offer a sustainable competitive advantage and generate profit in each
Part 2 :For this discussion forum, consider a circumstance where poor employee
performance was observed in the workplace (or you are familiar, via
research, where this occurred in an organization). An example could be the
poor performance of a co-worker, excessive absenteeism in the workplace,
or disrespect exhibited between/among employees..

Briefly discuss the situation you experienced above and present 2
strategies a manager should use to address the poor performance of
the employee.
Discuss how you would specifically evaluate the success and/or
failure of these recommendations. What tools or models to determine
the success/failure of these strategies.
Each part should address all components of the questions with a 500
word limit.

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