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5.1 Learning Outcomes: 
Upon completion of this week’s activities, you will be able to:
Compare and contrast the relationship between an individual’s ethical conduct and behavior on and off the job.
Analyze the influence of pressure for group conformity on individual and organizational ethical behavior.
Analyze an authentic workplace ethical issue, for example, human resources, harassment, conflicts of interest, customer confidence, or the use of corporate resources.
5.2 Action Required:
Watch the short video in the following link and answer the questions that follows:
Ethical Issues in Business
5.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):
Do employers have a responsibility to alert other employers to an employee’s wrongdoing by supplying an unfavorable reference? Why or why not? Discuss the conflict between community responsibility and self-protection.
5.4 Instructions
Answer the question in test your knowledge section.
Post your answer for the question in the discussion board using the discussion link below (Week 5: Interactive learning Discussion)
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