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do the two1.Douglass EssayThe Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass EssayAfter reading the Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, write an essay addressing the following:1. Analyze the treatment of slaves within the following issues: violence and punishment, race, education and literacy, and gender. How does Douglass discuss these issues? 2. After reading Douglass’s autobiography, what aspects of slavery were you most surprised to learn about based upon what you knew of the institution before reading the work?2. Finally, in your opinion, how representative is Douglass’ experience in slavery? Use the textbook as well as one additional source to give you a frame of reference of slave life.Requirements:1. Paper length: 1000-1250 words (4-5 pages). If you are under or over this limit you will lose points. This is intentionally specific to encourage you to edit your writing. Self-editing is a crucial part of developing writing skills and is only achievable through practice.2. One additional source must be cited in your essay. I am not a stickler for a certain style of citations. All that I require is that you cite your source. Websites have their own citation requirements. I ask that you cite the exact page (url) of a website that you consulted and not the website as a whole. I should be able to get there without searching the whole website. Below are links to resources about Slave narrativesNorth American Slave NarrativesWPA Slave Narratives Resources PBS2.Please use Chapter 5 to answer the questions below (200-word minimum requirement overall):Please do not submit a blank post first, If your first post is incomplete, you will not receive points for this assignment.1) According to the book, what are some of the formal barriers that existed in American politics over the years, that denied many poor, women, and racial minorities the right to suffrage?2) What specifically were the remedies that increase the idea of equality?3) Based on what you have learned from questions one and two, is political equality achievable? If yes explain why, if no please explain why not.

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