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DQ2_ CandaceQuestion: How will you use leadership to serve others?Answer: Being a Servant Leader resembles the way Jesus lead his people. He made sure that he served others because he genuinely cared for them. He made a point to lead by example so his followers would go on the serve others and become leaders themselves. According to Greenleaf (2016) the best test to ensure your serving the highest priority needs of others is:Are those that you are serving able to grow as a person while being served? Are they, wiser, freer, healthier, more autonomous, and more likely to become servants themselves? In a society that is least privileged, what effect are you having on them? Will they benefit or not be deprived further? (The Servant as Leader section, para. 3)Servant Leaders are motivated, have good social skills, and are empathetic towards others. Empathy is so important because people are drawn to someone who is honest, trustworthy, and genuine person who cares about you on a deeper level. This provides a sense of security and trust which will help motivate and inspire the ones you are serving. A servant leader will also teach others on ways to expand their knowledge and provide guidance on how to better themselves. Listening and giving someone your undivided attention shows that you care, and they are important. Taking time to listen to what is truly being said, not interrupting and then summarizing what you heard ensures you understand, and it helps build trust. “Servant leaders communicate by listening first. Through listening servant leaders acknowledge the viewpoints of the followers and validate perspective” (Northouse, 2019, p.227). As a leader, there will be times when you are faced with challenging tasks or making difficult decisions. Even though we may be faced with difficult situations in life, we can take the opportunity to grow and help others grow as well. Leading by example can cast a positive shadow onto others so they will do the same. Grenny (2013) states, “When you ask people to step into a place of uncertainty and change, they look to you to take their cues. They look at your behavior” (p.157). By leading through example, showing empathy, building trust, and taking time to truly listen will help me stay aligned with my Christian values and principles.Reference:Greenleaf, R. (2016). What is Servant Leadership? Retrieved November 13, 2021, from https://www.greenleaf.org/what-is-servant-leadership/Grenny, J., Patterson, K., Maxfield, D., McMillan, R., & Switzler, A. (2013). Influencer: The new science of leading change. New York, NY: McGraw Hill. ISBN-13: 9780071808866

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