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1. Below are two poems that are riddles. Solve them. Please give me your answers and explain why you think they are correct. (Note that your answers should be at least between one and two pages and that this is an essay, meaning it requires an introduction with thesis, support, and a conclusion; don’t just give me answers.): 1. This mysterious thing hangs on a man’s thigh, under his coat. His shirt has a hole in the front, creating a good position for this mysterious object, which is hard and erect. When the man starts to disrobe, he puts the mysterious hanging object back into the hole where he has kept it before.2. I’m a fellow whom women love, and I provide a service for my neighbors. I hurt nobody but he who is trying to kill me. I stand straight up in bed and am hairy down below. Sometimes, the pretty daughter of a peasant grabs me, attacks my red head, strangles me, and has an immediate reaction to the encounter; she cries.

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