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Failing Organization PowerPoint Join GroupThis is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.Throughout history, organizations have failed. Many have failed due to their lack of innovative structure and culture. Your group has the opportunity to research an organization that has failed because it was unsuccessful in implementing innovation. You may choose an organization of your own or one of the following: Blockbuster, Polaroid, Blackberry, Sears, Toys ‘R’ Us, Xerox, Atari, Kodak, or Borders. In this assignment, you will build a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation with a title slide, presenter’s notes, and references slide. In your presentation, address the following questions:What failing organization did you choose?What external factors contributed to the organization’s failure?What internal factors contributed to the organization’s failure?What obstacles did the organization encounter? How were they handled?What did the organization fail to forecast in the changing market?What could you have done, as leaders of the organization, to pivot the company to success?While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
Failing Organization PowerPoint Join GroupThis is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. Throughout history, organizations have failed. Many have failed due to their lack of innovative
RESPONDING TO A CHANGE 0 Responding to a Change Name University LDR-615-0500 March 10, 2021 Introduction Microsoft Company is a chief developer of private processor software ope rations and relationships. The organization also distributes publications and multimedia consents, provides its series of hybrid pad processors, volunteers email assistance, and markets electronic game policies and mainframe peripherals, in other words, input and output accessories. It has transaction agencies everywhere in the glove. In addition to its chief analysis and extension center at its corporate quarters in Redmond, Washington, U.S., the Firm administers investigation offices in other parts of the world like in Beijing; China, and Cambridge; Britain, among other places (Verhoef et al. , 2021). The Company is currently responding to disruptive technology that is prevailing within the organization and in its market. Disruptive technology is a discovery that critically modifies the extent, to which those customers, businesses, or Microsoft enterprises manipulate. It clears away the orders or attitudes it succeeds since it has recognizably excellent qualities . Need Paragraph Header Her e Peril-steering companies, such as Microsoft may discover the possibility of disruptive automation in their services and target unique stores that can consolidate it into their marketing methods. These are the developers of the technology appropriation series. Additional organizations may exercise a bounteous risk-averse attitude and utilize a reform only after observing how it works for other films. If a software corporation fails to address the impacts caused by disruptive technology, it can end up losing power to rivals with integration approaches (Glover et al ., 2019). For example , p ropelling in collections that conceive or affirm disruptive technologies bears vital jeopardy. Various commodities deemed disruptive wastes cycles to get adopted by users or institutions or are not appreciated. To deal with the disruptive technology, the Microsoft Company dramatically develops its automated section by inventing brand discoveries, celebrated for its success on software. It also opens the consciousness perspectives and increases o rganizers with various outputs and aids, for example, the Microsoft Interface a nd MSNBC (Verhoef et al. , 2021). Business entrance basic strategy: Market entrance is the prime concentrated approach that Microsoft manages to increase its technology. This intensive extension policy includes assessing more stocks in the enterprise where the firm currently possesses services. For instance, the C ompany expands by strengthening its buying and selling in its present businesses . This accelerated extension policy is accountable for Microsoft’s global superiority in the PC-compatible operating system business ( Elsharnouby et al ., 2021). The corporation efficiently implements business perception within the ubiquitous differentiation universal approach, which handles output uniqueness to draw more clients from multiple business divisions. A strategic objective based on this intensive approach is to secure Microsoft’s germination via aggressive commerce and shopping . Need Paragraph Header Here Commodity Advancement strategy: The enterprise practices merchandise impr ovement as a subsequent accelerated completion policy. This intense strategy promotes extension based on the construction and marketing of brand-new technologies. For instance, it steadily evolves unique software outputs to obtain more clients and revenues. Through brand new software, the organizations petition disruptive technologies (Glover et al. , 2019). Hence, the organization addresses market requirements, which require product distinctiveness as an ambitious service. This fast tactic guides the diplomatic aspiration of empowering Microsoft’s germination through software modernization . Business expansion: Business advancement is a promoting accelerated fullnes s plan with substantial, but minimum influence on Microsoft’s contemporary market production. This strategy promotes sales germination within the firm’s approach to new businesses. For instance, previously, the Company implemented this policy to trade its processor software outputs internationally ( Elsharnouby et al. , 2021). Nevertheless, reflecting that these commodities are now globally adopted, business expansion is no more as vital in the Company’s rise. The general plan of progressive differentiation enables Microsoft to implement technology construction, as an accelerated extension procedure to handle disruptive technologies. For example, via new business-specific processor outputs, the organization initially enrolled abroad demands. An imperative intention connected to this approach is to improve Microsoft products by starting to brand new devices in developing nations or territories . Need Paragraph Header Here Disruptive technology forces stakeholders to develop new technologies bec ause it leads to the impairment of old technologies . Outputs based on disruptive technologies are typically more affordable to manufacture and more comfortable to use. However, they probably lead to an imbalance among stakeholders by generating unique businesses and marketing systems, demand for supplementary commodity foundations, and various employment abilities (Verhoef et al ., 2021). Perhaps, this can influence existing corporations in markets that further transform the industry syndicate, wages of shareholders, and eventually the division of benefits. Models of disruptive technologies involve email, the individual processor and iPhones, and laptops, which have reformed delivery and how participants operate or allocate vacation moments. Disruptive technologies can also help some shareholders like clients by rendering commoner, more convenient assets or co- operations . Need Paragraph Header Here In multi-dimensional situations, disruptive technologies will affect lead to s evere impacts on firms. For example, some organizations can be reluctant to examine or respond to disruptive capabilities. Companies may consequently undergo deteriorations in shareholder benefit and squander professions. The knock-on influence on employment businesses is more unsettling, as operators are usually less favorably disposed to retool, relocate or retrain and established plans proved to be enormously incompetent. In some situations, software companies, in common, will profit from employment cost preservations through improved worker productivity and the development of some responsibilities to processors and tools, and those which can capitalize on disruptive bearings by pushing into new outputs and syndicates will be the most favored ( Elsharnouby et a l., 2021). However, like exercise, some organizations will be dismissed as technologies and aids become old-fashioned, independent, or unremunerative . Need Paragraph Header Here Organization leaders responded to disruptive technology by developing cre ative reflection. Administrators who need to execute the countermeasure should bring intelligent masterminds across the business to introduce and explore new ideas. A precisely defined intention is crucial to achieving and developing opinions that will drive the corporation to progress (Verhoef et al ., 2021). The method of performing so is as uniformly disruptive as the concepts. Directors also managed the change by getting comfortable with misfortune and transgression and comprehending that some actions will achieve, while others won’t. Leaders need to be satisfied by investigation stability and need to be aggressive to learn what penetrates the business and cannot grasp. It is essential to comprehend that modern progress requires frustration and so consider it as progress . Need Paragraph Header Here The disruptive issue got handled by creating digital connections. Collaborating with other organizational directors can draw knowledge from various professionals. This skill helps to formulate creative or identical technologies to reach solutions to market issues. Such combinations enable institutions to situate themselves nearby the consumer and surrender unique adventures and content (Glover et al ., 2019). Additionally, the company leaders ensured they are reliable by measuring the success of their implementation. All the strategies stated above were essential, and none proved to be ineffective in approaching disruptive technologies . For the organization to perform a solution that better address the change dynamics, it should plan carefully. Before bringing the suggested modification to the operation, the administration should ensure it possesses a clear policy that incorporates every fundamental approach (Glover et al ., 2019). Besides, they should be translucent as permissible to help assistants comprehend the nature of the change. The organization should be competent to enable the shareholders to present the most suitable solution to the transformation . Need Paragraph Header Here Additional strategies include the following: The Company should maintain a nd enhance communication: The association should keep the conversation open among representatives. It should practice participation to demonstrate why the revolution is occurring plus what it will resemble ( Elsharnouby et al ., 2021): The business should also design guidelines : This strategy helps representatives recognize where the Company is. It also allows the participants to comprehend to implement the solutions to settle the change. Finally, the con only should provide training : When the setting includes changes in technologies or methods, it is essential to provide adequate coaching to representatives to help them comprehend the unique fashion of preparing everything . Conclusion Hi Pete, Thank you for all of your hard work and time selecting this topic and writing why this contemporary change organization is so important to describe. I thought you did a fabulous job presenting this content too! However, you are not properly adhering to the assignment instructions, as stipulated in the assignment instructions. I tried to be very clear on this. You are losing a lot of points by not closely paying attention-to-detail on the instructions. You have many frequent and mechanical and formatting errors that I highlighted in my track-changes and balloon comments for your review. Please review all of my comments and let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification. First, your paper is missing paragraph headers, as stipulated in the assignment instructions. Your introduction is missing a purpose statement, as stipulated by the assignment instructions. Example, “The purpose of this paper is to…” You did a good job describing the organization and the change to which it is responding. You did a good job discussing the degree to which the change has been disruptive, and how the organization has responded to the dynamics created by this change. I like how you evaluated the strategies the organization used in the change initiative and determined the level of success the organization experienced with the strategies. Your paper has determined the effects the change had on stakeholders, and to what degree stakeholders have resisted. Your overall evaluation of the implications of the change had on interdepartmental collaboration was very good. You also showed what worked and what did not work with the strategies they implemented. You provided a good conclusion paragraph. It is important to follow the assignment instructions and the formatting example that comes from APA 7th edition and the previous student example that I provided for your assistance. Please let me know if you have any questions! God Bless, Very respectfully, Dr. Leaver Your Lopes Write score: 0%. Your overall score: 166. References Elsharnouby, T. H., & Elbanna, S. (2021). Change or perish: examining the role of human capital and dynamic marketing capabilities in the hospitality sector: tourism Management, 82, 104184. Glover, D., Sumberg, J., Ton, G., Andersson, J., & Badstue, L. (2019). Rethinking technological change in smallholder agriculture. Outlook on Agriculture, 48(3), 169-180. Verhoef, P. C., Broekhuizen, T., Bart, Y., Bhattacharya, A., Dong, J. Q., Fabian, N., & Haenlein, M. (2021). Digital transformation: A multidisciplinary reflection and research agenda. Journal of Business Research, 122, 889-901.

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