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Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell (2013) identified the below 7 habits of strong ethical leaders: 1. Ethical leaders have strong personal character. 2. Ethical leaders have a passion to “do right.” 3. Ethical leaders are proactive. 4. Ethical leaders consider stakeholders interests. 5. Ethical leaders are role models for the organization’s values. 6. Ethical leaders are transparent and actively involved in organizational decision making. 7. Ethical leaders are competent managers who take a holistic view of the firm’s ethical culture (p. 141). Step 1: Take some time to think about which traits are most important in order to be an ethical leader. Are there any traits or habits that you would add to the above list? Think about an ethical leader that you have worked with and discuss the traits which made that person an ethical leader. Which of the above habits would you like to strengthen in your own life?

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