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 Question 1 and 2FINS2618 MAJOR ASSIGNMENT
You are a team of bankers of a full serviced investment bank that is involved with providing
total capital solutions to listed companies.
You must select a public company that is one of the top 100 companies (by market
capitalisation) listed on the ASX, NASDAQ or NYSE. You and your team will then be
expected to research the company, utilise and apply the learnings from the course, and
present your recommendation and justification of your recommendation.
You are required to answer the following questions:
1. Identify and explain the current capital structure of your company (10%)

Include the book value of equity, its debt and other hybrid instruments
2. Identify the current equity market capitalisation of your company (10%)

Provide P/E ratios for 3 years historical and 3 years forecasts of the company
3. Insert a share price trading chart of the company for the last twelve months (April2022 to April -2023). The chart should also include the movements of the market
index over the same period (for benchmarking purposes). Annotate the chart,
highlighting key events which explain movements in share price. Annotations may
include macroeconomic factors and company specific events. (30%)

You can annotate the chart with the letters (a), (b), (c) etc.. and then expand
on each point in the text of your assignment.
4. Identify a timely opportunity in relation to your company’s financing decisions (e.g.
a share buy back, raise new equity or debt capital or liquidity management) or its
investment decisions (capital expenditures on new projects or a potential
acquisition). (40%)

This opportunity can arise because of changing market conditions or a change
in the company specific condition.

Some examples of potential opportunities might be that the current debt
facilities are overly priced or restrictive or there is an opportunity to expand
to a new market or to acquire another firm. You can be creative here.

The opportunity can involve both an investment and financing decision. For
example, capital expenditure on a new project or an acquisition may also
require a new capital raising.

Try to be as specific as possible with your potential problem and solution.

HINT: You can search for news where companies have announced financing
and/or investment decisions in the recent past, to learn how such decisions
are justified and whether the same opportunity may exist for your chosen

Your solution needs to demonstrate how this helps the company and its
stakeholders (in terms of creating value) and how the solution would work.
For example, if you are proposing a rights issue, you need to detail the
structure of pro-rata, how much, timeline, renounceable or not, impacts on
the shareholders, share price, etc.
The percentage weight of each question is provided in brackets above. Your substantive
answers to these questions make up 90% of your mark, with the remaining 10% coming
from the quality of the presentation (formatting, grammar, structure, writing) and accuracy
and completeness of referencing in your report.
The Major Assignment has two components – an individual presentation (due in Week 7)
and a final written report (due in Week 10).
Students are free to form their own groups within the same tutorial with the condition that
each group should have 3-4 members. Your tutor should already have a record of the
members in each group as well as your group number/name.
Since the goal of the Major Assignment is to provide an opportunity to gain team working
skills in a safe environment, no individual submissions are allowed.
All members of the group will be initially awarded the same mark for the Written Report as
they are expected to equally contribute to the final submission of the group.
Groupwork is one of the core Program Learning Outcomes at UNSW. Learning how to work
in a new team is an essential skill in the workforce too.
As a group, you will be responsible for negotiating roles, managing your workloads and
progress amongst the group. The group should collectively set out the expectations for each
member’s workload clearly and to reduce any “free-rider” problems.
Individuals in groups should also work actively to overcome barriers that arise. However,
any substantial problems in your group should be raised with your tutor as soon as possible.
Records of all communications, meeting attendances, task allocations, documents, work-inprogress, submission schedules etc should be kept by each group member.
Each group should set internal deadlines well before the Oral Presentation (in Week 7) and
the Written Report (in Week 10) to ensure that there is sufficient time to compile, edit and
communicate with each other before the deadline.
If a group believes that there is an evident and substantial disparity in contribution by any
member, these groups may be able to engage in a peer assessment and moderation of
grades for each individual in the group, at the discretion of the LIC. Peer reviews are
undertaken on a case-by-case basis and require substantive evidence of both disparity in
contribution and efforts to ameliorate any difficulties.
The Teaching Team will not resolve any group issues if there is no evidence that the group
has tried to resolve these conflicts or barriers amongst themselves.
There is a universal expectation that each student will make every effort to communicate
clearly, contribute fairly and treat one another with the utmost respect.
Each group must present live during their timetabled tutorial class in Week 7 of the term. All
members of the group will be required to participate for an individual grade. The total time
allocated for each group is 5 minutes.
For this presentation, the group needs to create a simple single slide deck in PowerPoint
with a maximum number of 1 slide per group + an introductory slide with the names and
zIDs of the group members as well as the company analysed. No references/sources need to
be included in this slide deck.
During the Oral Presentation, you will need to detail the company your group has chosen,
any preliminary findings, areas of responsibility, the group’s plan and work schedule for the
time remaining until the submission date, how you will personally contribute to the final
result of the Written Report.
After the presentation, one member from each group needs to submit the PowerPoint
slides electronically via the submission link on Moodle by the end of Week 7. These slides
will not be explicitly graded separately but is a record of your group’s completion and where
the individual marks for the Oral Presentation will be given as feedback to all students in
Week 8. If there is no submission received, then no marks can be recorded for you and your
group members.
The Written Report should be no more than 10 pages and should addressed all questions
above. The main body text needs to be 12 point Arial or Calibri Font. Tables, graphs, charts
and diagrams, and references are included in the 10 page limit. Marks will be reduced by
10% for each page you exceed the page limit.
You may use appendices to your report and they are not counted in the 10 page limit.
However, you should only use them sparingly to provide information to the reader, where
you think it is necessary.
Please number the pages of your report.
Ensure you use proper academic referencing in supporting the ideas and discussion within
your report. All reports must include a list of references in academic form using the Harvard
method. You will be penalised if you forget to reference your sources or use inappropriate
referencing. More information on the Harvard referencing style can be found here:
Pay particular attention to presentation. A component of your mark will be based on how
you structure your report logically and its style. Ensure the report is very clear, logical and
professional. Use headings in the Written Report to separate key ideas. Using paragraphs
will also assist with structuring ideas.
Pay attention to grammar. Academic writing style refrains from writing in the first person.
Clear and logical presentation is a major challenge in report preparation. Brevity and
conciseness are key ingredients of a highly successful report. Every part of the Written
Report should somehow add to the end result; otherwise, it is superfluous and distracting.
Please proofread the Written Report before the final submission.
One member from each group needs to submit the final Written Report as a .pdf document
via the TurnItIn link on Moodle by the end of Week 10.
Grading of the presentation will take into account:

The depth of understanding of the subject company (ie, have you adequately
researched the company?) and the depth of justification for issue identified and
the suggested solution.

Whether the proposal adequately considers the practicality and feasibility of the
suggested solutions in the context of prevailing market conditions and the
company’s own position? (ie, is the proposal feasible?)

Originality of ideas (ie has the group researched and thought through the issues
or just regurgitated the class discussion/notes/text book?) Regurgitation will
be awarded a very low mark.

Thought given to how best to present the ideas (ie how can I best communicate
my analysis and ideas with the audience?)

Structure and presentation of the report (ie do the ideas flow properly and
arrive at the conclusion convincingly?)

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