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Compare and contrast: One might compare Ava, from Ex Machina, with Samantha, from Her.  Are they similar in any way?  Or would it be more appropriate to compare Ava to Phyllis Dietrichson from Double Indemnity. Is Ava a femme fatale? An example of how things could go very wrong and end, as some believe, with the enslavement or the demise of the human race? 
If you are familiar with Mary Shelley’s novel, do you see Ava as another version of Shelley’s “monster,” and Nathan as a modern version of Victor Frankenstein? Or is Ava merely doing what any human woman would do in order to free herself from forced imprisonment? 
FYI: “monster” comes from the root word meaning “to warn.”  (1250-1300; Middle English monstre < Latin m?nstrum portent, unnatural event, monster, equivalent to mon(?re) to warn + -strum noun suffix)

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