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Part 1: How does an institution support a full understanding of the by-laws around drug use and what NCAA legislation is involved? Explore the repercussions of universities that do not fall in line with the legislation/bylaw. Propose a way to improve this legislation or suggestions for schools to navigate the legislation. 
Part 2: Distinguish between pecuniary and residuary bequests. Which should form the focus of fundraising attention? Why?
Part 3: COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on many aspects of our society, including sports. Find a resource about how COVID-19 impacts sports (can be an academic journal article, news article, blog, video, or a podcast from respected and prominent organizations in sport and society) and write a summary of the information provided and make connections to either personal experiences or overall impact of this issue on sports and society.
Part 4:Explore at least two professional sports. One of them has to be a power and performance sport and the other has to be a pleasure and participation sport. Compare and contrast who owns, sponsors, and promotes these sports, and what are their interests. How do these partnerships impact the athletes and the fans in these sports (e.g. completion schedule/structure, format, time outs, fan interactions, betting, and etc.)?

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