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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Business Law and Law of Contract. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Paul Richards (2007, 16) “An offer is an expression of a willingness to contract on certain terms made with the intention that a binding agreement will exist once the offer is accepted.” &nbsp.Thus, resulting from the brief definition of an offer it is possible to assume that Cheryl’s advertisement represents an offer to contract. Her offer was made in writing, as a published advertisement in a local newspaper. Moreover, her offer was published in a local newspaper, read by a large group of persons. Cheryl’s offer is unilateral as she “promised” in her advertisement to sell her minibusses to anyone who will pay £15,000. Therefore, Cheryl made a legal conditional promise. On the other hand, there is the possibility, as it happened in Cheryl’s case, that more than one person will become interested in her offer and will be willing to accept it. Thus, it is necessary to clarify, judging by each person’s actions, who has the right to enter into a contract with Cheryl.The general rule of acceptance of an offer resulted from the case of Holwell Securities V Hughes 1974, where it was stated that the acceptance of one’s offer must be communicated to the offeror by the person that is accepting the offer in any possible way. Of course, the manifestation of the acceptance must be exteriorized, so that it is understood by the offeror. Moreover, the manifestation of accepting the offer must be linked to the offer itself and the offeror must receive the acceptance.There are several manners of accepting an offer: in written form, orally, or by mail. In order to understand if Cheryl has a contract with any of the accepting parties, their manners of acceptance must be analyzed. The first person – Britney – told Cheryl she would let her know within the following week whether or not she would purchase the minibusses. The following week Britney accepted the purchase price of the black minibusses for £15,000 by speaking to Cheryl directly.&nbsp.

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