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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Mexican Immigration Today. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The War of 1812 fought between the United States and the British Empire came to an end in 1815, with neither side gaining much. The period after the end of the war, up to 1860, had been called the “age of Manifest Destiny”. Coined by journalist John L. O’ Sullivan, the term “Manifest Destiny” was mono-dimensional in its meaning Writing in Democratic Review, on December 27, 1845, he used the term “Manifest Destiny”, to urge the United States to annex geographical areas, then under Britain and Spain, throughout the north of America. In the essay titled, “Annexations”, O’Sullivan argued that God had destined the United States, to spread republican democracy, (“the great experiment of liberty”) throughout North America. After the futile war with Britain, the United States adopted a new strategy for the annexation of bordering territories. Settle down, outnumber the natives, index the boundaries—this was the new strategy. A typical example was the Mexican Cession. Mexico was a Spanish colony that got liberated in 1821. The New Mexican Empire inherited Alta California, New Mexico, and Texas from Spain. The new Government, virtually bankrupt and weak, was unable to control the northern territories of the country. These areas were thousands of miles away from the capital of Mexico City. Hence, the Mexican Govt. allowed a few American families to cross over and settle. What followed were huge American settlements in Texas, which became an American majority area. The Texans wanted to accede to the United States. This lead to the Texas revolution, (1835- 36), and Texas was declared as an independent republic. During the war, that followed (1846- 48 ), between the United States and Mexico, the US annexed Texas, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, extending its border to the Pacific Ocean. By the same time a portion of the Oregon Country, under British rule also became part of the United States. Thus during the “ Age of Manifest Destiny”, the United States expanded towards the north, up to the Pacific ocean, largely defining its borders as they are today.

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