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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Geography of Africa, South Asia, North America in Physical Side. Africa doesn’t have many mountains. the Atlas Mountains in the North and the Drakensburg mountains in the South are exceptions. African climate is mixed with extreme temperature, moisture, winds, etc. Humidity is extreme in some particular seasons. Africa is the most tropical of all continents and some of the biggest deserts of the world are located in Africa.Africans contributed heavily to human civilization. Pythagoras, the greatest mathematician has introduced many mathematical concepts made by the Egyptians to the Europeans. Bargblor (2003) mentioned that the Egyptians developed the concept of the right angle, which is the basis of the Pythagorean Theorem. He also mentioned that the Egyptians were the ones who initiated the concept of monotheism-the belief in one God (Bangalore). Africa’s other contributions to human civilization are the calendar, the dating system, and the concepts against murder. African geography was a powerful force in shaping the African culture, including clothing and their traditions and customs. Hunting was the initial way of finding food in Africa. But as civilization advanced, hunting has given way to agriculture which has affected the African geography also. Thick forests became agricultural lands as the civilization progressed.The industrial revolution has revolutionized most of the regions in the 19 th century, but Africa has not affected much. Slave trade and gun violence spread in Africa during the 19 century. Corruption, political instability, the battle between ethnic groups, lack of democracy, lack of regional integration, etc are some of the major challenges which retard the economic progress of Africa today. Globalization was a concept which was aimed at helping the poor countries by helping them to mobilize their resources. Africa is a continent that lacks technology, infrastructure, and skilled manpower and hence they failed to utilize globalization for their economic progress.&nbsp. Africa has contributed heavily to the human culture, religious beliefs, human relationships, development of mathematics, etc.

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