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Hi,Please see the attached
Hi, Please see the attached
CRJU 330 Homework #5 Crosstabs and Pearson Correlation Name:________________________________ Run a crosstab analysis (Crosstab matrix) of gender and ADVJDP (would you advise a friend or family member to join the department). What do you find? Reproduce the table and explain. You want to know if age of first arrest is related to number of arrests by age 18. Compute the Pearson Correlation Coefficient to determine the answer. You can do this by hand or in SPSS. Age of first arrest Number of arrests by age 18 14 12 15 14 15 12 Draw a scatter plot of the data by hand What is the Pearson Correlation coefficient? What is the strength and direction of the relationship between age of first arrest and number of arrests before age 18?

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