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How does someone become virtuous? Socrates thinks there are issues if we think that virtue comes by good parenting, by bloodlines, by knowledge, or anything else. He concludes that, since they exhausted natural options, they should look at supernatural options. Do you think that virtue is simply a gift of the gods?Directions!You’re supposed to be assertive and even a bit argumentative. I’m not going to be as strict with the word count, but don’t take advantage of that. I want you to 1) make your own thread answering the prompt concerning virtue, then 2) then comment on two classmates’ threads either adding to their comments or criticizing them. If you did not before, it might be good for you to watch these two youtube videos on argumentation now.How to Argue – Philosophical Reasoning: Crash Course Philosophy #2 (Links to an external site.)How to Argue – Induction & Abduction: Crash Course Philosophy #3

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