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This week we learn about human sexual pleasure and ask some questions about what turns us on erotically. There is a profound difference between sexual response and the act of doing sex and the desire and erotica of wanting sex. We often focus our efforts and our learning on the doing sex, rather than focusing on the desires and needs of wanting sex.Watch the brief episode of Big Think and listen to Belgian psychotherapist, Dr. Esther Perel talk about the difference between sexuality and eroticism. Once you have watched the talk, create a reply in which you answer the following questions:Questions:Why do you think the “doing of sex” is often the center of attention? To put it in Dr. Perel’s words, “how often, how hard, how long, how many”, why this focus on doing rather than the experience of the desires, the creative, the erotic?In light of Dr. Perel’s talk, what do you believe is an essential piece in connecting with your inner erotic self?You are more than welcome to write additional thoughts or comments in your post, just make sure that you answer the questions. The total word count should be between 100–150 words, though should you want to write more, please do!Assigment #2This week we are reading the piece Disability and Sexuality Myth-busting: Non-normative sex liberates us all. Bethany describes herself as a queercrip sexologist who focuses on sexuality research, particularly the politics of pleasure, and she is working to end disparities in sexual health. Bethany and I went through the master’s program in Sexuality Studies here at SFSU. She is a dear friend, an incredible scholar, and a fierce champ for disability rights and recognition. In the piece we are reading this week, Bethany writes about an activity she refers to as a Sexual Blueprint. She mentions she has asked her students to do this activity and that it was a success. So, borrowing on the Sexual Blueprint from Stevens, your task for this creative activity is to reflect on what a sexual blueprint means and what purpose it could serve. According to Stevens (2019),A sexual blueprint entails going over the entire body—head to toe—with various forms of touch and pressure. Through touching softly, scratching, or pressing with fingers, feathers, or leather floggers, one gets the experience of figuring out the pleasure points of the body. (p. 232)Write a short reflection in which you answer the questions below. You are more than welcome to copy/paste the questions and provide your answers underneath, or you can write a response in which the questions are answered. Do what is best for you.Questions:What purpose could a Sexual Blueprint serve?How could the findings from a Sexual Blueprint be useful?Could a Sexual Blueprint reveal erogenous zones that were not previously identified? If so, why do you think these zones were not previously explored?Why could a Sexual Blueprint be seen as controversial or taboo?Any additional thoughts?To help focus your writing, please make sure you include at least one explicit reference to the reading, Disability and Sexuality Myth-busting: Non-normative sex liberates us all (2019) article by Stevens. An explicit reference can be in the form of a quote or a paraphrase of something from the reading. Your writing should be about 250–300 words, but if you want to write more, please do!Purchase answer to see full

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