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I need a response or feedback on the below Answer:Question: As you conducted your needs analysis, were there any results that surprised you? Did your assessment provide new insights on other projects that could be conducted? Did they support the initial scope of your project?Answer:While conducting my needs analysis for my capstone project, some results surprised me. I found that a few of the instructors didn’t want to develop different strategies or necessary training to accommodate the students under the 60 credit hours in the bridge program; they didn’t want to take the time to create any strategy. My assessment did provide new insights on other projects that seek to achieve one or more objectives(2003). These assessments were for instructors to determine the individuals’ primary needs of the students in the bridge program. This will allow them to work effectively and efficiently on the needs of the students so that they will gladly be met. Eventually, the instructors started to support the needs of the new students in the bridge program.ReferenceEstay, B. (2003). Target Market Analysis: How to Reach the Right Audience with the Right Pitch. BigCommerce. https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/target-market-analysis/#undefined

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