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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on An Invaluable Study with Slight Setbacks: A Review of Weeks Coming Out. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The groundwork for this book had been suggested by a 1968 essay that Mary McIntosh wrote about “the homosexual role” in England. Weeks applies this perspective of a “homosexual” role in Coming Out to create an invaluable study in gay history, which revolving around establishing the difference between homosexual behavior, which has always been in existence, and homosexual identity, which is a social construct. A closer examination, however, of how specific social events influenced homosexual identity would have greatly aided in creating an understanding of the relationship and origins homosexual identity has in British society. Thus, Weeks emphasizes the structural existence of homosexuality, while failing to consider the forces that might have established this structure.“We tend to think now that the word ‘homosexual’ has an unvarying meaning, beyond time and history.” Weeks writes. “In fact, it is itself a product of history, a cultural artifact designed to express a particular concept.” (3) Often who we define as a homosexual runs no further than the sexual acts in which a person engages. The basis of this definition, however, fails to consider what type of person is or is not a homosexual.Weeks suggests that the reasons for crafting this shallow connotation towards homosexuality appear to have been to provide a standard on which to label permissible and impressible behavior and also to limit the number of those who are viewed as untraditional.In addition to carefully describing the differences between historical and social aspects of homosexuality, Weeks makes sure to describe the differences in treatment towards various types of “homosexuals.” Weeks pay particular consideration towards Lesbians, who Weeks describes as “invisible women” (80) and who debatably may have suffered even more hardships than homosexual men. Like most gender studies, Weeks also tackles the objective of showing that although the idea of “homosexuality” is a product of specific circumstances, homosexuality is wide-ranging and alludes to any historical or cultural constructs.

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