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I need some assistance with these assignment. introduction to psychology perspectives Thank you in advance for the help! Each shall collect information from refereed journals and books then compile the same to understand the psychological perspectives of criminal behaviour. The paper will shed light on the contribution of Social Learning theory and the Behavioural perspectives on criminal behaviour. The methodology will be theoretically based. thus, use of descriptions to explain findings.As seen in the work of Glassman, Glassman and Hadad (2008), the Behaviourist approach works on the fact that all forms of behaviour are made up of responses to certain stimuli. It is the response to this kind of stimuli that leads to the development of conditioning in humans or animals are they are used to behaving in a particular manner. Responses can therefore be linked to various forms of stimuli (Glassman, Glassman and Hadad, 2008). A good example would be a child asked to take milk from a feeder, they respond immediately to the request.Secondly, Glassman, Glassman and Hadad (2008) indicate that behaviour is learnt from one’s environment. An individual’s actions are determined by the environment they live in. This is from the fact that the environment is the source of the stimuli the humans respond to. The environment also determines how the individuals will respond to the various forms of stimuli (Glassman, Glassman and Hadad, 2008).Thirdly, the Behaviourist approach indicates that behaviour is shaped by the reinforcements of an individual’s actions (Glassman, Glassman and Hadad, 2008). In operant conditioning, for instance, an individual gets positive reinforcement for doing something good and vice versa for bad deeds. Reinforcement, therefore, determines if the behaviour will be repeated or weakened (Glassman, Glassman and Hadad, 2008).The Behaviourist approach focuses on the fact that Psychology deals with observable behaviour as opposed to the analysis of the brain and how it works. This is because individuals have the capability of studying and learning from the actions and&nbsp.experiences of other people.

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