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I need some assistance with these assignment. the lady gaga empire Thank you in advance for the help! In an interview for the Lady Gaga Website, she exemplifies this statement in the following quotation, regarding her entrance into, and sustainment within, the music industry:I did this the way you are supposed to. I played every club in New York City and I bombed every club and then killed it in every club and I found myself as an artist. I learned how to survive as an artist, get real, and how to fail and then figure out who I was as a singer and performer. And, I worked hard […] and, now I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time. (qtd. in “Lady Gaga”)In exploring the social responsibility and equal opportunity of the Lady Gaga Empire, many primary and secondary sources were consulted. Primary sources researched include news media coverage, video, and secondhand interviews. secondary sources include Websites, magazines, and journals. The goal is to present an unbiased perspective of Lady Gaga’s unique communication strategy for utilizing media and fame to change controversial opinions of the masses.Mass communication is a term that refers, loosely, to the distribution of arts, entertainment, and information. It also includes mediums through which messages can be spread, such as radio, television, magazines, recorded music, associated media, newspapers, and movies (Rothenbuhler).It can be said that Lady Gaga’s mass communication approach is unique in the sense she seemingly uses her status to initiate and propel positive ideals. Rarely do celebrities act with virtuous motives in the interest of those who put them on their pedestals. However, a perfect example of another artist who does illustrate similar characteristics is actor, Academy-Award winning director, philanthropist, and “supporter of uncompromised creative expression,” Robert Redford (qt. in Saunders).3 While true, selfless actions by a few other public figures have been promoted in the media, it is difficult to recognize authenticity and sincerity comparable to those of Lady Gaga’s.The Look to the Stars Website identifies several of Lady Gaga’s public recognitions of her work with various organizations. The author states, “Lady Gaga is a creative ‘win-win’ philanthropist, who throws the weight of her popularity behind donation projects” (“Look to the Stars: The World of Celebrity Giving”).

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