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i need some one to answer these 2 question in 30 minute1)Prem Lam is establishing an investment portfolio that will include stock and bond funds. She has $1720,000 to invest, and he does not want the portfolio to include more than 75% stocks. Prem does not want the portfolio to include less than 45% bonds as well. The average annual return for the stock fund he plans to invest in is 28%, whereas the average annual return for the bond fund is 16%. He further estimates that the most he could lose in the next year in the stock fund is 25%, whereas the most she could lose in the bond fund is 15%. To reduce his risk, he wants to limit his potential maximum losses to $120,000.Formulate a linear programming model for this problem that will maximize his returns on the portfolio.2)Dorian Auto manufacturers luxury cars and trucks. The company believes that its most likely customers are high-income women and men. To reach these groups, Dorian Auto has embarked on a ambitious TV advertising campaign and has decided to purchase 1-minute commercial spots on two types of programs; comedy shows and football games. Each comedy commercial is seen by 7 million high income women and 2 million high income men. Each football commercial is seen by 3 million high-income women and 11 million high-income men. A 1-minute comedy ad costs $40,000, and a 1-minute football ad costs $90,000. Dorian would like the commercials to be seen by at least 25 million high-income women and 20 million high-income men.Use linear programming to determine how Dorian Auto can meet its advertising requirements at minimum cost

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