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I will pay for the following article Notions of the Chinese Film-The Flowers of War. The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In film studies, there are a number of factors that are recurrent for consideration regardless of the film differences that emerge across the various films under study. This is to say that these factors are recurrent in different films although there may be differences in plot, genre, and the general purpose of the film. These factors form the “difference” in the various films that may be studied. In this particular context, the term “difference” refers to the “other” stereotypes represented in the film. To get a clear understanding of “other”, it is important to engage in critical thinking of the film from a study perspective. The term “other” in this context refers to factors such as race, culture, gender, age, and ethnicity among others. Although “other” may differ from one film to another, it is important to note that all films portray these aspects. Engaging in a critical study of the film, these factors can be identified and analyzed in order to determine the role of the film in “other”. &nbsp.This is to say that the main purpose of the study is arguably to determine how some films present and or challenge these notions of “difference”. For this particular paper, the main focus will be on the Chinese film “The Flowers of War”. This implies that the paper seeks to determine how this particular film presents and or challenges the notions of “difference”. &nbsp.Race generally refers to the social concept employed in categorizing humans to a group with similarities though sometimes with distinct ethical, cultural, and historical affiliations among other aspects. However, the aspect of the race is quite controversial since it has drawn different meanings across the globe at different times. Additionally, the meaning of race has seemingly been on a constant change with differences emerging over the years. For example, the first use of the term was to refer to speakers of a common language and then later used to refer to nation affiliations. This however did not mark the end of the differences associated with the term since it later took a seemingly more observation approach where it was used to refer to people with similar physical traits. By taking this phenotypical approach race may be used to refer to a group of people with transmittable traits by descent. This implies that race is a collective group comprising of people from different places and cultures and exhibiting a wide range of other differences.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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