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In short paragraphs and in your own words, answer each of the following questions. 1. Imagine yourself sitting in the front row at a performance of Fronteras Americanas.Choose a specific moment in the play during which you might be particularly aware ofthe “border” that conventionally divides audiences from performers. What might youthink or feel in this moment? What response(s) does this moment seem designed to invitein audience members?2. Compare and contrast Fronteras Americanas with any other play we have read this term.This may include comparing the subject matter of the two plays, the style in which thetwo plays are presented, the larger ideas presented, and/or focusing on particularmoments or scenes that lend themselves to comparison. Whatever you choose to focuson, ensure that your ideas are clearly explained and supported with specific evidence .PART 2:Record your own potential discussion question for Fronteras Americanas.*Reminder: Responses submitted after class begins will not be accepted. In such cases, a grade of 0%will be assigned.

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