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Biomechanical Analysis Suggested Outline
(Research POSTER Presentation) 
Each student must select an activity that he or she would like to analyze based on a theory assigned. This activity must be approved by the instructor via BBL. Students may change their topic at any time prior to their presentation day under the instructor’s permission. 
The following may be used as a presentation outline. Depending on the project, a student may choose to deviate from the outline to better communicate the biomechanics of his or her selected activity. The lettered items listed below are only suggestions and may not be appropriate for all activities. Students may wish to add or remove items to enhance the biomechanical evaluation of their selected activities. 
Suggested presentation time length: 7-9min. This semester, we will have a virtual poster presentation conference — you will have to record your presentation with the poster- use Zoom or Panopto.  
Project title (with the student’s name, major and class no., etc)- one slide.
Main Section:  including a video link and pictures/ tables—citations! Citations! 


Name & purpose of skills,                                                                                               
Classification- Theory using Biomechanics concepts   — Citation!!!  (APA style)

Brief Description – Comparison
Purpose of the study    

Anatomical analysis:  Muscular participation (maybe best to provide this in table form with figures) 
Bones and joints involved (with movements)

Anatomical principles related to safe/effective performance

Mechanical analysis:  

Nature of motion & forces
Motion types
Forces involved (be specific: magnitude, duration, angle, application point, etc.)
Mechanical principles (stability, momentum, force, torque, friction, etc.)
Common problems or errors: What principles were violated (anatomical and/or mechanical) using comparisons 

Source of errors

How did the errors affect performance and/or safety?
Prescription to correct the common problems or errors listed above

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