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InstructionsIntroductionWhile treating the chronically ill, a major challenge is developing a plan of care that addresses the specific needs of a patient and a caregiver. You need to be in close touch with patients and their support group, family and peers, to come up with an ideal plan.In this course project, you are going to develop a plan of care for a chronic illness group of your choice using the Healthy People 2030 topics. While executing the tasks of this project, remember that while you need to give a general overview of the biomedical considerations of the case, the focus should always be on the psychosocial elements. Your perspective in this care plan should be the patient’s goals rather than those of the medical team.Each week, you will complete a part of this project, submitting the final project in Week 5.Identifying a GroupIdentify a chronic illness of specific interest to you that is also identified as a Healthy People 2030 topic (https://health.gov/healthypeople). In a Microsoft Word document of 4-5 pages formatted in APA style, address the following criteria:Identify a chronic illness and rationale for choice.Develop a questionnaire by utilizing your knowledge of health and illness, with the aim of acquiring all information you need from patients to prepare a plan of care for the specific illness group.Discuss morbidity and comorbidity of the disease.Discuss the impact of the chronic illness and patient morbidity on overall health of the nation.Incorporate Healthy People 2030 goals and objectives for the specific illness group.Support your responses with examples and information from library resources, textbook and lectures.On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format.IF YOU ACCEPT THIS ASSIGNMENT BE SURE YOU ARER ABLE TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEKS, AS THEY ALL BUILD OFF EACH OTHER. PROOFREAD , CITE, INTRODUCTION AND REFERENCE PAGE SEPARATE, MUST ATTACHED ASSIGNMENT TO TURN IT IN ONCE COMPLETED.

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