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Let my people go surfing by Yvon Chouinard
Reading: Product Design Philosophy; Production Philosophy; Distribution Philosophy; Marketing Philosophy; Environmental Philosophy (pp.77-150 & pp.175-226)
Patagonia outlet store was in the warehouse we visited, but a new downtown store opened in 2016. In the section of “Distribution Philosophy”, Yvon talked about Patagonia’s perspective on how to choose where to open a store. Based on that, explain why Patagonia decided to move its store from the warehouse to downtown Reno. Why do you think the company rent rather than buy buildings
Yvon Chouinard transparently shares his experience running Patagonia for over 40 years. it is easier to follow the paved road, but he decided to find own way to build a company that speaks to his core values. Look in the book for how he found his way and how he describes it as different and unique to other businesses. Please cite the part/section directly

What is the marketing philosophy of Patagonia? Explain how the “Don’t Buy This Jacket” advertisement aligns with its marketing philosophy. From a consumer’s point of view, what do you think made the “Don’t Buy This Jacket” so successful?
In the book, Yvon shared his perspective toward LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). (a) What do you know about LLC? (b) What is his perspective toward LLC? (c) Do you support businesses raising their voices on social issues (e.g., environmentalism, diversity, supporting a particular political party etc.)?
After reading “Environmental Philosophy”, (a) explain why the company created Patagonia Provisions’ product line, (b) make your own argument about whether or not growing a product line unrelated to your main product is a good idea (for example, Colgate launched a wine and pasta kit before, but the product failed.), (c) explain whether Patagonia’s social purpose will appeal to consumers given the price of Patagonia Provisions products, and if you are the marketer for Patagonia Provisions products, suggest ways to market the products differently.
Please respond to all five questions when you write your essay. Your responses should be based on your reading. Please quote the book directly for each question. If your answers do not reflect the contents from the “Let my people go surfing”, then points will be deducted.
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