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part one
What’s in my bag?
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To define your own self-concept and use objects from your own life to describe how culture shapes your self-concept.
Pease select three items of significance to you that help explain who you are and your culture.? For example, an Italian cookbook, or certain type of music, clothing, skateboards, poetry, journals, etc.? It can be ANYTHING (that is appropriate), there are no limits. As long as you can demonstrate that your item is significant to your self-concept, that is fine!
In your own words, define self-concept.
Describe your self-concept
Tell us about your own culture (remember- culture is not just about race/ethnicity, make this your own!) How does your own culture shape who you are now? For example, WHY do you love Italian food or cooking, WHY did you choose a certain job or have the hobbies that you do, do they travel?  
Now tell us about the three items! For each item, please present the following:
Describe each item and why it is significant to you
How is each item related to your self-concept?
How is each item related to your culture?
Take a picture of the three items (or three separate pictures if needed) EMBED the images into this discussion assignment
Comment on another classmates items. What did you find interesting? Do you have something in common? Please be detailed and thoughtful in your response.
Please use the provided text box (preferred) to submit your answers or submit a word document or pdf. 

You will be graded using the rubric provided.
How do I embed an image in a discussion reply as a student? (Links to an external site.)

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Canvas Student Guides, Discussion Topic List 

Example of a submission that received full points:
Self concept is how I see myself and how others see me. My own personal self concept is that I’m nice, handsome, loving, athletic, generous, a bit lazy, hardworking and creative. My culture is a Sicilian American, Iraq combat Veteran. I am athletic, an activist, a cook, a homesteader, a dedicated husband and an artist. Being an activist a Veteran and homesteader are all rooted in my desire to live in a better world. I am an artist because I love to create and be expressive.
The first of my three items is my stock pot, I travel a lot and since I pack light, a stock pot doesn’t travel well, it is often the first thing I buy when in a new city. This is important to me because its the only way to make gravy (red sauce) which is the staple ingredient for many of the Sicilian dishes I cook and eat.
The second is my rollerblades. Growing up in NY, traffic is heavy and public transportation is crowded. It was my main source of transportation as well as participating in playing street hockey with my friends. As an adult I love it as a way to stay in shape.  It’s interesting to see it becoming popular these days in California. For a long time, friends would mess with me because I wasn’t skateboarding.

The third object I chose is my sketchpad. I love to draw, not only is it a great way to express myself creatively it is very therapeutic. I can spend hours drawing not realizing how much time has gone by. When I was living in Argentina for a period, drawing helped me embed myself into the artistic culture in Buenos Aires.
.part two
Intercultural Notebook Entry
To understand the impact of culture in everyday contexts and analyze intercultural situations using theory and concepts from this class.
This week, we will take some time to reflect on some of the course concepts and build an intercultural notebook. Specifically, we will be focusing on how gender is portrayed within a culture.
First watch this video that shows the difference between sex and gender:
Please find THREE articles/photos/posts/podcasts/videos depicting gender roles in a culture. 
One article/photo/posts/podcast/video should depict stereotypically masculine gender norms/roles
one article/photo/posts/podcast/video should depict stereotypically feminine gender norms/roles.
The THIRD  article/photo/posts/podcast/video should depict noncompliance with gender norms within a culture. 
Analyze EACH article/photo/post/podcast/video separately and answer the following questions for each:
Briefly describe the article/photo/post/podcast/video and why you chose to use it for this assignment
Provide a detailed analysis of how the article/photo/post/podcast/video portrays gender within the cultural context.
Based on this article/photo/video/podcast, how is gender conceptualized within this particular culture? 
Then, answer the following questions as an overall reflection (not for each  article/photo/posts/podcast/video)
What role does the media play in shaping gender norms/identity?
How does the conceptualization of gender within your culture shape your own gender identity?
Provide 2 culturally-specific recommendations for moving away from the gender binary (male/female) and instead seeing gender as more of a spectrum.
Please use the provided text box to submit your answers. You must post your responses first before you see other people’s answers.

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