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Written Case Assignment I: Mary Kay (& WeChat):
Your focus should be on Mary Kay and what they should do to meet the challenges of growing through e-commerce. The material on WeChat should help you craft a strategy. These cases (Mary Kay and WeChat) and the readings are jam packed and rather dense with information. It is interesting to see through these cases how advanced the Internet, mobile technology and apps are working in China. Why is that the case? How is the Chinese internet/e-commerce culture and user behavior different from that in the US? What is chinese culture?What are the trends in e-commerce and the market trends in the cosmetics and skin care market? What does Mary Kay need to do to adapt to this environment? How has the Mary Kay set of core values both aligned with Chinese culture and constrained their ability to adapt? How can MaryKay adapt to e-commerce and stay true to those core values? What are the opportunities for Mary Kay for market expansion in China? Do you think it will be successful?
You will need to do some research to complete this assignment.Search online for the article
Case: WeChat: A Global Platform? HBR 9-615-0409
Case: Mary Kay China: People and Love, Ivey 17097
M5: Diss ( 2-3 paragraphs) no spacing
Paula Kobe: Ethical management, leadership, and markets in a multicultural 
Is this a case of sexual harassment? By what standards? What standards should apply? What does Paula need to do if she thinks this is harassment? What should management in Atlanta have done to better prepare Paula Kobe for her assignment in Brazil and to deal with possible harassment? Was it a mistake to send her? What about the Brazilian management? What should have been done in Brazil?  How differentt is Brazil to the US in this type of case?
Do some research on US and Brazilian standards for sexual harassment. Brazil’s laws have changed but enforcement was still an issue under the Bolsonaro administration.

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