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???Argumentation strategies. Fish presents the viewpoint that self-censorship is not a violation of the First Amendment. What strategies does Fish use to support this view and to present his own argument?
???Illustration. All the examples that Fish uses to support his argument are related to anti-Semitism. If Fish had broadened the examples to include instances of speech that defamed groups other than Jews, would the essay have been more effective or less effective? Support your answer.
???Fragment. Paragraph 5 is just “Wrong four times.” What is the effect of this brief sentence fragment?

???Audience. Most readers of the Chronicle of Higher Education, where this essay was first published, are academics-administrators, faculty, and graduate students – or those with a professional interest in higher education. They are likely to know Fish by reputation, especially because he publishes a regular column. Given this context, how would you assess Fish’s ethos?
How effective is his use of logos in this argument? How effective is his use of pathos?

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