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Need an research paper on security and implementation concerns of cloud computing infrastructure. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. In this scenario, the above-mentioned concerns are severe enough.If comparisons are made of concerns with growth rate someone can easily perceive that the ratio of these issues has been increased considerably. In this situation, ineffective or insecure implementation of cloud computing arrangements and the absence of security policy is also a question mark. Without a doubt, cloud computing brings a large number of benefits and opportunities for all kinds of businesses however the successful implementation of a cloud infrastructure requires an organization to seriously address security and privacy issues. In fact, these security and implementation concerns discourage organizations and they don’t move to clouds. The basic aim of this research is to identify the security issues and concerns which hinder the successful implementation of cloud infrastructure.The term business continuity, in this case, can be used to determine whether or not the computing system chosen by a business organization will be able to effectively take care of the business organization’s day to day activities without there being any complications. When this kind of security is talked about the first thing that is normal to cross someone’s mind is system data backup. This is always done in response to the possibility of there being systems crashes or errant programs that might affect the functionality of the whole system including the storage of data. Another cause of data loss might be access to the business organization’s system by unscrupulous hackers. However, when there is back up for data, a business organization can be able to avoid the possible losses that might take place as a result of these occurrences (Krutz and Vines 89). Given the nature of cloud computing, whereby business organizations are always not even aware of the physical whereabouts of the place that these data are stored, it is hard to ensure continuity.

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